SHOCKING UPDATE: These two actresses to return in Ishqbaaz and bring this new twist!

Ever since its inceptions, Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has successfully gripped its viewers with the amazing blend of intense, dramatic, humorous and romantic story line.

According to recent reports, Saumya and Tia are all set to make a comeback in Ishqbaaz. Interestingly, both will play a negative role. Saumya aka Nehalaxmi will be returning with a intention of creating a rift between Rudra and Bhawya’s life.


Earlier, Saumya and Rudra  were the original couple and people loved their chemistry. However, her track was cut off abruptly when she decided to leave Mumbai and pursue studies abroad. At that time, Rudra was unsure about his feelings for her . After that, he got attracted towards Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) who was also confused about accepting him as he was younger to her.

On the other hand, Navina Bole who played the role of Tia, will be seen supporting her sister Svetlana in her mission to destroy Oberoi family.

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