Bigg Boss 11 has so far been the most dramatic season of all. It has seen some of the major fights and splits of the season in the first week itself. Relations between the contestants of the house change every other day. And when we have such crazy contestants like Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani in the house, we just can’t fall short of Masala. Like every other time, this time too we have something shocking to reveal to you.

In a recent unseen video, We saw that while Puneesh and Shilpa were talking to each other about something, Akash interrupted them in between and went ahead to forcibly kiss Shilpa near her lips. Shilpa who was laughing earlier when she was talking to Puneesh, completely lost her cool when Akash did this. She got so infuriated that she lashed out at him and asked him to keep away from her. She even went ahead to warn him that if he does it again she would not mind slapping him.


Even after all this, Akash didn’t feel sorry for what he did and rather asked her to do what she feels like doing. And that’s not all. He even went on to twist her arm when she asked him to leave her and tried to get away from him. When some Bigg Boss viewers came across this video, they could not control their anger and went ahead to raise their voice against Akash’s behavior. There are many who even requested the host of the show, Salman Khan to teach Akash a lesson after what he did.

Check out this video in which Akash is seen kissing Shilpa without her consent:

Well, this definitely is disgusting. And this is not the first time that Akash has tried to go down to this level. Earlier also he tried to cross the lines of decency with ex- Bigg Boss contestant Lucinda Nicholas. After the eviction, Lucinda even confessed feeling weird with Akash.

It seems that the poor boy is trying his best to befriend Shilpa again but he is probably failing at it. Shilpa and Akash were best friends until Vikas came into the scene and the two sorted their issues with each other. And since Akash couldn’t handle their friendship, he went against Shilpa and even claimed that their enmity on the Bigg Boss house was only a strategy to stay in the game for longer and avoid eviction.

But after what Akash has done recently, we only feel that Shilpa was wrong when she tried to support him in the first place. She should have kept herself away from him right from the beginning. What do you have to say? Do think what Akash did was right? Do you think he deserves to stay in the game now? Share your views in the comment section and keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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