What? Shocking! Vikas Gupta is in love with Shilpa Shinde, here is a big PROOF

Through the years, television shows has been giving us some clichéd love stories. They start with the lead male and female of the show hating each other and then eventually falling in love. Well, it looks like contestants on the Bigg Boss show are following the same pattern. We are here talking about Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. And what is rather hilarious is that they both belong to the television industry.

No doubt that the relations between contestants keep changing through days. There is a new turn in their relationships every week. Within days, contestants go from friends to rivals. Such is the case with Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. The two were rivals from outside the Bigg Boss house. Apparently, Vikas was the person behind Shilpa Shinde leaving her popular show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’, following no work offers for the next two years.

Their battle continued inside the Bigg Boss house and Shilpa made the most of this opportunity by ridiculing him every now and then. Her level of torturing Vikas Gupta crossed all limits and even made him run out of the Bigg Boss house twice. However, he was warned and called back by Bigg Boss everytime.

Then came a big shock when Vikas and Shilpa resolved their fight. Vikas sacrificed his jacket for Shilpa in a task. There he also asked Shilpa to work him again. Shilpa agreed and said that she is willing to work with him on a project that lasts for a day or so. When Shilpa was seen crying under the table, it was Vikas who supported her and told her that she is a strong woman and he salutes her.

Soon, Vikas and Shilpa were seen getting close to each other. On different occasions, they proved to be standing in each other’s support. After Vikas’s closeness with Shilpa, Akash and Arshi were seen moving away from her and slowly they started torturing her. Vikas always stood ahead, telling both of them not to torture her without a reason.

In an episode, Vikas was seen calling Shilpa beautiful. He said that she is above 40 but doesn’t look like. He even compared her with Preity Zinta. He said that Shilpa still looks the same as she looked when she was 25. He also appreciated her acting skills.

Recently, when Shilpa complained of Akash kissing and touching her inappropriately, Vikas once again came in support of Shilpa. He slammed Akash of kissing her in a way, forgetting she was so elder to him. Looks like Vikas has developed feelings for Shilpa through these days. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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