Just after the sane contestant- Hiten Tejwani got evicted from the house of Bigg Boss 11, the inmates have simply crossed their limits. In a recent episode they were seen discussing about nominations, where 7 out of 8 got nominated for openly discussing about the nominations.

The real blame game started when everyone started discussing about Hiten’s eviction. Where everyone else was busy blaming Shilpa for her mind games, it was Hina who revealed something really shocking about Vikas.

In a conversation with Puneesh, Hina Khan revealed that Vikas took Hiten’s name intentionally, as he knew that crab (mentioning Akash) would take opposites name (Priyank). According to Hina the real mastermind of the game is Vikas and not Shilpa Shinde!! In the video below, we can clearly see that when Hina is talking about Vikas, Shilpa is also present there, but she turned deaf ear to her.

Check out video here!!

Infact, in an interview Hiten clearly stated how cunningly Shilpa played the master game against him. He even blamed her for his eviction. But this revelation by Hina is really shocking!!

Hina’s statement seems somehow true as just after Hiten’s eviction, Priyank and Vikas are back with their old bond and have even promised each other for not fighting anymore.

Was this all pre-planned by Vikas to save Priyank from eliminations?? Or is it Hina who is just faking up all these statements?

We can’t just wait to see what Hiten has to say about this statement of Hina.

Well, the twists and turns in the Bigg Boss 11 House are simply not going to end!! Stay tuned for more such updates!!

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