There is no denying the fact that Divyanka Tripathi is a real big star! Infact, bigger than some Bollywood stars as well. Even if one doesn’t watch her show,  Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, yet most probable chances are that he or she would be familiar of Divyanka or would have at least heard about her. Such massive is her popularity.

She is presently entertaining the Indian masses with her romantic dance moves with husband Vivek Dahiya on Nach Baliye season 8. Despite the hectic shooting schedules of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, the couple manage to take out time for dance practice and are doing really well on the dance reality show.

Terence Lewis is one of the judges this time as well and in a recent interview, he revealed something about Divyanka Tripathi. He said, “I don’t watch my own shows. While living in Mumbai, I don’t come back home before 8 p.m. It’s very hectic. So, I don’t watch my own shows. Still, I get to know through people whether the show is working or not.”

He further told that he had never heard about Divyanka Tripathi before. He was also not at all aware of her popularity. It was his family who told him about Divyanka’s massive stardom. Here’s what he said, “This year, we have very good contestants, who know how to talk and connect with the audience. Some of them are really popular, like Divyanka Tripathi. I don’t watch TV show, but in my house, people are a big fan of hers. But I am like, “Who is she?” My family says she is a huge star and it’s a huge thing that you are judging her.”

Surprising! Isn’t it?

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