Shopping Checklist: It`s Time To Make Some Changes

Let us begin with a question,” Whenever we go for a shopping spree, what are we actually thinking? What is our intention to buy a particular outfit or do we even have a particular outfit in mind or are just squandering our money without any cause? Since we all like to pile up clothes of different patterns and styles without having any purpose behind it. This ridiculous propensity is being taught in our practices yet the time has come to switch lanes and focus on more productive and cognizable buys.

While buying an outfit, one must have some eye for detail since we are spending our money on that outfit, it needs to prove to justify its esteem. Whenever we eye an outfit, what is the first activity when we pick it out? It is looking at the sticker price, isn´t it? If the outfit falls under our budget without having any second thoughts we tend to buy it, without focussing on the basic details that we neglect most of the time.

No matter how highly or lowly priced an outfit is, it needs to be looked out for in order to meet certain requirements and save us from future regrets. What defines a generous outfit? The recipe includes the following ingredients that are as follows: A fine fit, a Sartorial, Hues, Material infused, Cost-effectiveness. These are the four main things that every outfit purchase must be preceded by. Just because an outfit is at a 50% discount, it doesn´t mean it belongs in your closet until and unless you have the purpose of buying it. Always remember when buying an outfit ask these questions to yourself,” Where can it be worn?”, ” Do I really like it and will I be wearing it further?”, ” What can it be paired with?” This will not only help you in cutting down unnecessary purchases but also a style-statement collection.

Now, let us discuss the four ingredients of a generous outfit listed above so that in future you can keep these points in mind and scrutinize them well before proceeding with your purchase decisions:

1.Sartorial– It means styling or tailoring of a cloth. The construction of a cloth speaks a lot about the outfit, the brand, the intention behind its making. If an outfit is priced at exceedingly low costs doesn`t it raise any sort of alarms? It sure does. A clothing brand tendering a segment at minimal prices in the market will surely compromise with quality, construction of the garment sewn. Whereas a brand focussing more towards the designing, sewing of the garment will surely never skimp with quality. They work their skills by understanding what the customer would like to wear next rather than just focusing on making profits.

2.A Fine Fit– Of course, fitting is a very important aspect that needs to be paid attention to. Nobody likes their clothes to be extremely baggy or tight that it might choke our breath. It all depends on how we feel while wearing that outfit. Is it allowing us to walk or move around without any restrictions and making us all aware of a mishappening that can occur at any point in time? Build trust on those brands whose regardless of what garment we opt for fits us well rather than the brands whose sizes tell a different story each time, that`s not a brand to count on.

3.Hues– Hues speak a lot about our personalities. Since we all have different colour theories, always look for colours that blend in seamlessly with the rest of our collection. Do not always stick to nudes or blacks, switch to pastels for once, or can try out a bold or a funky colour. Keeping in mind what it can be paired up with. Our collection should not look monotonous, we should keep making upgrades to it by demarcating ourselves in certain aspects.

4.Price Range– Here I´m going to interrelate it with quality as well. Looking for quality in a moderately priced outfit, although quality costs more because it involves more manpower, quality, and time. Paying for quality will never go to waste in fact, it will go much farther. Investing in quality garments will not just complement us, but also our collection and make every penny worth it.

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