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Shopping hacks Every Plus-size Bride should try

By admin

May 06, 2017

Everyone who is married or going to get married soon can connect with a common confusion – that is what to shop for a perfect wedding. Whether size zero or slim trim, most brides get a little nervous before shopping for their weddings. And this can become a panicky situation for all plus-size brides. They already feel so down and low because of their size and taking correct shopping steps in such case is quite difficult. Every plus-size bride also wish to look beautiful like other brides and hence they try to get best dresses possible but can often miss out the best one. It becomes very important to know about your body shape and shop accordingly for the perfect bride look on your special day. Here are a few shopping hacks all plus-size brides can follow to hit a perfect wedding.

Apple-shaped body

This is one of the most common body shapes irrespective of what size they are. Women with this body shape, generally have a heavier midriff. Their upper body is heavy while their legs and hips are comparatively slimmer. Such women can go for a lehenga with a V-neck or U-neck choli and a flared bottom would be great. Another great style for you can be empire waistline dresses, with deep or low necklines. Christian brides can also benefit from these tips to look their best on their wedding day.

Pear-shaped body

This body shape women are heavier around the hips. In order to draw attention from the hips highlight the neckline, whether in the form of high-neck embellished blouses or heavy neckpieces over the choli. This way your upper body will grab the attention.

An A-line suit with a heavily embroidered jacket and a darker shade bottom wear can work wonders for you! A beautiful gown that flares out slightly from the waist down is a great option for Christian brides. If you have a heavier bottom then avoid going for a heavy lehenga or a fishtail gown.

Round-shaped body

This is the most common body shape of all plus-size women. These women tend to gain weight overall. They should wear clothes that give the impression of a defined waist and height. A sari would work best for them. They can tie the petticoat below the belly button. Showing a little skin won’t harm, trust that. And, if you are having a Christian wedding, a well-fitting gown would be a good option. It would give an illusion of height. Going for anarkali suits and lehengas is another smart way to make your body appear longer than it is.

Priyanka Dhar.