Have you always dreamt your love life to be a fantasy fairy tale where you find the perfect prince charming as a trick of fate? Or are you waiting for a special someone who will be able to understand your heart better than you? Or maybe someone who is exactly like you and is a perfect match? All and more of these sorts of fantasies show that you have a strong belief in destiny. You believe than one day you will be able to meet the man of your fate and fall in true love. But have you ever done your calculations properly?

According to a 2013 study, there are more than 7 billion people on this planet. There are countless possibilities that even if your soul mate did exist, you might not get to meet him/her. He could have already died or settled for someone else or lives in such a remote place that there is no way in heaven or hell that you would ever get to meet him (this is a practical discussion so don’t get delusional thinking that, that is what fate is).


The problem with being a strong believer of destiny is that you would destroy your relationship when you have one. When we think about destiny we think about our perfect match for nature won’t pick the wrong fruit for us, but this type of thinking actually fills your head with delusions and makes you less capable of handling your relation.

Suppose you get into a relationship with someone and after the initial romantic stages starts fading off, you would realize that you have many things different from your partner. While you try to accept your partner the way they are, little fights can end up pulling you apart. When your thought process is different you would automatically think that maybe the person you are with is not the ‘the one’. You will have thought like “maybe I was rash in deciding on a life partner” or “my true match is still out there so instead of working hard in this relationship I should focus more on finding the right person” and the thought would continue so on till you decide to break if off.

You need to accept the fact that the couple who look perfect together have actually worked hard in perfecting their relationship. No couple can be perfect and there is a 99.9% chance that you won’t find a soul mate. What you can find is a good person, though. And once you find one, you need to work hard to be just as good and together you will be able to strike the perfect harmony

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