After all the rumours about Shraddha moving to live-in with Farhan and papa Shakti dragging her back, there are fresh gossips that the two are still meeting secretly and do not intend to put a stop to their relationship. It seems like the two cannot stay away from each other for long. The flame between the two refuses to die out.

We all are aware how the paparazzi are always following these celebs to catch them amid heated situations. Actress Shraddha is trying her level best to keep her romance with Farhan away from all the paparazzi.


In fact, she is using Katrina Kaif’s trick to keep the news at bay. In order to keep the photographers away while dating Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina used to make visits to her boyfriend’s house. She would visit Ranbir’s house and send her car with the driver back to her place so as to keep the rumours at bay. Shraddha is using this same technique now to meet her alleged boyfriend Farhan Akhtar.

Last Saturday, Shraddha went to Farhan’s house around 10 pm and instructed her driver to take the car back at her Juhu residence. She left the house at 2:30 am that night.

Well played Shraddha to keep the photographs away but did you manage to fool papa Shakti Kapoor?

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