Shreyas Talpade: A Theft Case Filed Against Him, Police Interrogates

As shocking news, allegations of theft are made against actor Shreyas Talpade, and a complaint has been lodged with the police.

Shreyas Talpade

Producer Rahul Bhandare has accused actors Shreyas Talpade and Suresh Sawant of stealing the set of the well-known play Albatya Galbatya. The play “Albatya Galbatya” by Rahul Madhukar Bhandare, the producer of Avdait Theater, has been giving super hit plays to the theatre world for the last 15-16 years, set many world records. Along with the play, the set of the play which has become the attraction of the play is also dominating the minds of the audience including the theatrical field.

Due to Corona’s influence theatres were closed, during the period of lockdown. Therefore, the set of my play ‘Albatya Galbatya’ was placed in Praveen Bhosale’s godown at Kolsa Bunder, Kala Chowki. However, the set was stolen from the godown by Suresh Sawant without any preconceived notions and was used for the one-act shoot of Shreyas Talpade’s OTT platform.

Rahul Bhandare has alleged that a commercial shooting was carried out at Swatantryaveer Savarkar Natyagriha illegally using the set of Albatya’s play ‘Galbatya’ in violation of government rules during the lockdown, even though theatres across Maharashtra are banned.

However, all the properties and sets in the play are the intellectual property of Avdait Theater and used without the permission of producer Rahul Bhandare. Therefore, this shooting should not be released anywhere, otherwise, legal action will be taken against Shreyas Talpade and Suresh Sawant under Intellectual Property Rights, an application has been submitted to Shivdi Police Station.
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Producer Rahul Bhandare has filed a complaint against Shreyas at the Shivdi police station therefore, now actor Shreyas Talpade and Suresh Sawant will be interrogated by the police. He also requested that legal action be taken against them for violating the government’s lockdown rules.

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