Shweta Tiwari ha dazzled us by her amazing acting skills in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. She played the famous role of Prerna, and became the beloved of every single house in the Countr. She had been on the peak of Success in her professional life. Her personal life came with many hurdles. She was married to Raja Chowdhury but had an ugly Breakup as he would domestically assault her. She had a daughter Palak with him and got her custody after the separation. After some time, she married Abhinav Kohli and had a son with him. Things didn’t turn out too good for the two as Abhinav was too.

Now, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Shweta and Palak came together and threw light on her personal life.She complained about how Palak has no time to spend with her mom and said, “She doesn’t want to spend time with me. Even when the lockdown started, she would chat with her friends all the time on Facetime or Snapchat. The 15th day, they got bored and then she has been spending time with me. I am so happy with lockdown.” Speaking about how mom Shweta used to stalk Palak, the daughter said, “When I was 15, she was contemplating giving me Snapchat or not. I don’t know what she had heard about it. So, this woman [Shweta] made a fake account on Snapchat and she added me.”

She further added, “And, if you think she is making a fake account, so she will be inconspicuous about it. She made the account with my 1-year-old brother’s name, Reyansh Kohli.” Shweta then interuppted and said, “I don’t remember passwords so, I made something simple.” Speaking of having Palak at such a young age, the actress stated, “When Palak was young, even I was very young. I was Palak’s age, 19, when I gave birth to her. At that point, I did not know how to behave like a mother. I did not know how to teach them right or wrong because I was also learning with my experience.” Palak added, “I think with me, growing up I just assumed everyone’s mother is like mom. I feel like she has always been my older sister. I relate to her on a sister’s front.”

Palak then came in and revealed, “She has been a strict one because she wanted to protect me when I was younger. But, I think when we grew up, she realized that I am the smarter one in the family and that I can be trusted.” The mother daughter duo also talked about how Shweta had to miss Palak’s early age of glowing and Palak on the other side did not mean to miss much. Palak said, “Growing up I think I was very fortunate because even when my mom was busy working, my house was always filled with a lot of people. It was a very happening house. I had my grandparents, mama, and others, so I never felt alone. I was thoroughly entertained and distracted. So, by the time my mom came home, it was just an added bonus. So, I was never like ‘where is my mom?’. I think the one time I truly missed her was when she was in Bigg Boss because I had no contact with her whatsoever and that was truly depressing”