Sidharth Malhotra On Shershaah, ‘becoming Shershaah Was Like A Dream Come True Moment’

A little ahead of the release of Shershaah, the much renowned Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra revealed his experience of working in a War drama. According to his verdict from the BTS video of the film, ‘For me becoming Shershaah was like a dream come true moment… I think the biggest obstacle all of us face is fear, and Capt Vikram Batra broke that and said it with style and confidence by saying ‘Yeh Dil Maange More, sir’,”

The war drama Shershaah is a tribute to the legacy of Kargil war hero Captain Vikram Batra who was killed in action, fighting for his nation, but ultimately inspiring the Indian army to victory against the Pakistani Soldiers, which is starred by Bollywood hotshot Sidharth Malhotra as Vikram Batra as well as his twin Vishal Batra.

When he was asked about the representation of the character of Vikram Batra who is larger than life and filled with valor and patriotism, Sidharth mentioned, “You’re absolutely right. Gong through Captain Vikram’s books or all the stuff that is written about him, you find that he was an extremely filmy person, for lack of a better term. I was fortunate that the first person that I met was his twin brother; who else better to tell me about him? And of course, I met his parents, his family, and chatted with his comrades who were on his battlefield. That’s where the idea of what he would be like started from because there’s so much already written about him in the public domain.

Absorbing from two different sides of his life, I kind of built this character, which I thought would be a more realistic version of Captain Batra, because he said actual lines like, “Yeh Dil Maange More!” on the battlefield. He was an extremely fearless yet emotional and driven person, and for me, had two different aspects to his personality. One is this lovable Punjabi boy, and the other is this very focused and direct leader when it comes to the forces. So we tried to strike a very nice balance to showcase both sides, and hopefully, by the end of the journey, show you a graph of how he matured.

He joined the actual service when he was just around 20, but his seniors talk about how when they saw him on that battlefield, he wasn’t all talk – he could walk the talk – and was actually going out there leading his troops. As an actor, attempting to show that maturity and growth involved a lot of preparation from all the references we had. So much detail has even gone into his look and styling, from his facial hair to the gear he used to wear.

We also had army personnel training the cast members and helping us shoot in the Kargil terrain. I think our action pieces would look slightly fresher and new because we’re the first Hindi film to shoot in Kargil; the most authentic places possible where the battle actually happened.”

Sidharth also described what was the most memorable part for him and how was it actually working with the director Vishnuvardhan, who is making his Bollywood debut.

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