A change in routines:

If there is a change in regular routines and they barely spend time for you, it sure means that they are spending time for someone else. You should be worried if they barely spend time with you and doesn’t show any interest in doing the regular chores. It may be because they see someone else other than you.

There’s no Intimacy

If tis been three months since you have rolled around in the hay, something could be wrong. Keep in mind that couples grow dry spell. However, if she, he, are not even showing interest in you and nothing has really happened to cause the distance between you, cheating might be a reason why this happened.

Are they avoiding eye contact?

Many say eyes are the windows to the soul, if they are avoiding eye contact with you; it also means they do not want you to see what is really in their soul. Yes, you guessed it; you may not be in their soul. They are afraid of what you might see in their cheating eyes.

Things that used to drive them crazy do not bother them

Another way to tell that if they might be cheating on you is if they stop telling you to knock off all your bad habits. If they used to bother of your loud eating noises or your plates on the counter, it might be because they have stopped caring about the relationship or they see a way out.

Sex And Cuddles Are Out The Window

When a person starts emotionally cheating on someone, they also seek to create distance, be it physical or sexual. Of course, there could be a host of reasons why your partner’s sexual drive, has plummeted. Often, emotionally cheating partners may also distance you from people in their life. 

 You Are No Longer A Priority

When you are in a romantic relationship with someone, you want to feel important and prioritized. But if your partner chooses to break important news to you last, or cancels plans with you for unrelated reasons, then it is heartbreaking to be in such a relationship.