Even after your break up with a person, chances are high that you can still feel in love with him/her. Researchers have found that a region in brain which is responsible to initiate romantic love in first place, can still believe it’s in love even after break up.  So we can continue to love a person even after breakup. If you spot any of these in your ex- he/she might be still in love with you.


Manages To Maintain Communication

If out of the blue, he calls or messages you. And continues to do it for no obvious reason, it is a clear indication he is hooked on to you.

Ask About Your Love Life

If he continues to tell you that his single relationship status and asks about your love life. He surely hasn’t overcome your love and interested in reviving the relationship.

Keen On Meeting You

You may have broken up a long time ago, but your ex is still keen on meeting you in person. People say if you continue to meet a person, you tend to establish better intimacy with him.

He Leaves Stuff Behind

If he moves out, he is no hurry to collect all stuff from your place. Instead he uses them as an excuse to meet with you again.

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