Signs you are being love bombed

After ghosting, Love Bombing has turned out to be another toxic relationship trend. Love bombing takes place when someone tries to grab your attention and win over you by bombarding you with love, presents, attention and promises about the future. It might seem like a good idea to you but the warning sign attached to it is that things move at a much faster pace. Healthy relationships take time to build. They don’t just happen in a day or two.

In this type of a relationship trend, your feelings for a particular person are extremely heightened and communication with your beloved becomes so constant that you just don’t get enough time to stop and realise whether your relationship is healthy enough or not.

If you too feel that your partner is continuously showing affection,makes unreasonable demands, tries to manipulate you and exploits your insecurities, chances are high that something is wrong. Here is a list of signs that tells you are being Love bombed:
1) Your partner doesn’t get tired of praising you. He or she behaves like a typical companion who can go on and on talking about their beloved and would do anything to make you feel like the most special and most important person in this universe. Too much praising seems weird and annoying at times.

2) Your partner acts way too cheessy. He or she constantly sends you lovey-dovey messages. Such a gesture might seem cute once in a blue moon but a repetitive behaviour might just irritate the hell out of a person.

3) Your partner showers you with gifts even when there is no special occasion.  He or she would not restrict his or her pocket to a bouquet of red roses because for him or her, there is no looking back. Frequent surprise gifts, weekend getaways and romantic long drives are his or her way of expressing love to you. It might seem exciting to some but there are others who feel burdened too.

4) Your partner appears almost everywhere without any prior information. Even when you are out with your friends for a dinner you’ll suddenly see him or her bumping into you out of nowhere and you are left with no option but to invite him or her to join in.

5) Your partner doesn’t give you enough air to breathe in and live a life of your own. You have to give up a lot of your space because of him or her as he hovers around you like a bee almost everytime. Getting to spend alone time and making peace with yourself is more like a dream to you.

6) Your partner is over-enthusiastic about PDA. He or she doesn’t hesitate slinging a hand around your waist, holding your hand, hugging you from the back, stroking your neck or even kissing you on your lips even when you are surrounded by a lot of people.

7) Your partner keeps an eye on each and every activity of yours. He or she constantly stalks you and knows exactly when you post a picture or status on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. He or she often checks your phone to keep a track of who all keeps you busy texting.

8) Your partner believes that “You both are perfect for each other”. No matter what he or she tries hard to make it work. While your similar liking towards a particular type of music, movie, dish, ice cream flavor or book might seem coincidental to you, but for him or her it is a sign that tells you are destined to be with one another.

9) Your partner gets upset too easily. He or she hates it when you don’t give all of your attention to him or her. There are times when you plan a weekend with your friends or coworkers which doesn’t include him or her, and he or she completely gets sad about it.

10) Your partner has already decided about your future together. He or she has made detailed future plans about your wedding, honeymoon and kids. Future is quite uncertain, so sitting down to have a serious conversation about future with your partner too frequent might completely freak you out and even seem fast approaching to you sometimes.