Love is a  very pure feeling i this word, it feels very special when you are loved by the person whom you love the most in your life but what if the person whom you love is not interested in you or don’t want to  spend there time with you. ‘Yes’ it will definitely going to give you the worst feeling of the world because nothing is painful than knowing that you are ignored or just taken for granted by the person whom you love the most.

 There are some signs indicated by your partner from which you can judge that you are in a one sided relationship.


  1.   Your partner will always try to ignore you, suppose you are discussing about your love life or telling about your day to your partner he/she  will not at all going to show any interest in your chit chats and will just ignore you so badly that you will feel hurted.
  2.   You should be the top priority for your partner but it never happens, your partner always chooses his/her friends over you and give top priority to them. Your partner never invites you to come and join him/her in the party. he/she will always leave you at home alone.
  3.  Most of the times you have to apologise to your partner without any reason or without your any fault because your partner likes that you are feeling guilty.
  4.  You are the only person who is making all the possible efforts to run your relation smoothly.If you are only person who continuously texts him, always tries to know his/her status of where are they, what are they doing etc and still you don’t get a satisfied answer than you can judge from here that it is only you who wants this relation not your partner.
  5.   You always makes plans to go out for a date or plans anything else romantic or something simple just to spend some quality time with you but your partner always says no or just make his/her step back at last moment and ruins all the plans and your mood.
  6.   Its obvious that you can’t spend the whole day together, you both have your personal life also but if you both decide to spend some time together and still your partner ignores it by giving some excuses than it is also a sign of a one sided relationship.


At all in the last it has concluded that if you are in a one sided relation you will be get ignored by your partner, your partner will not going to take care of you and not at all pay attention towards you ,your life, your problems. So its better to just break off from such a stressing relation. it will be better for you and your partner also.

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