Even after being in a relationship, feeling lonely? Or perhaps not getting the same vibe from your partner? Or having that uneasy feeling that something’s just not right with him? Then start looking for these signs in your partner. Maybe something is wrong after all.

  1. Commitment phobic

If he is not ready to take the leap to the next level, then it’s quite clear. He’ll try to avoid conversations on such topics. He would also avoid family gatherings at both the ends.

  1. Change in routine

Everyone has a fixed routine in their daily lives. If he is going against his daily routine, then know for sure. For example, he preferred lazing around the couch post dinner before, and now suddenly wants to take the dog for a walk.

  1. Betrayal concept

    Something fishy?

He has started doubting you, suspecting that you are cheating on him, like at a grocery store, you end up smiling and talking to the sales guy in general, but he gets pissed about it. Since he himself is cheating, he knows how these things start.

  1. Defensive on affairs

Affairs are no biggie for him nowadays. Even if a close acquaintance is cheating on his wife, then your partner will be in support of that guy who is cheating, rather than being against him for doing the wrong thing.

  1. Web of lies

Since he has been hiding and lying all this while, he will gradually fall prey to the web of lies he himself has created. The vicious circle of lies never ends, and you end up getting caught on a lie that you had created earlier.

  1. Development in Vocabulary

You’ll start hearing new words and certain specific words regularly. Words, which neither you nor him used earlier. He has learnt them from his mistress.

  1. Up rise in knowledge

Suddenly he has this knowledge of topics that he never took interest in. Maybe these are those topics in which his sweetheart has interest.

  1. Demand for privacy

He’ll start getting private day by day, like sneaking off, or keeping the phone password protected or leaving the room if a call comes, etc. He’ll insist on giving each other some space, stating that it’s better for the well being of each other and also for their relationship.

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