A relationship doesn’t fail overnight. Even if two of you think you are incredibly compatible, down some years in a married life; flaws begin to surface. Here are some signs which caution possible chances of a split in a marriage.


Keeping Secrets

Trust and honesty are key to a relationship. Things begin to get sore when one partner starts keeping secrets to self. He might suddenly change the online password of social media account or bank. These can be a signs of infidelity as well.


Every person communicates differently. But how a person reacts to situations  that gets him angry is the key. A silent treatment is a tell all tale of a poor communication in a relationship. You might want to discuss a lot about the issue but he prefers to stay silent.

Over Controlling   

A relationship will never work if one partner is over controlling. When one partner tries to dominate the other, it creates inferiority complex in the other. The situation becomes grim when the other partner starts thinking he doesn’t have choice over her own.


When you see your partner spending more time away from home, is a red flag in a relationship. If he starts spending more time in gym, splurging a lot in new cloths,  abnormally focussing on his appearance; chances are high that he might be eyeing other relationship. So be alert.

Addiction Issues

Some people marry a person with wrong habits thinking they might change after marriage. But the fact is people don’t change, the situation even get worse post marriage. Marriages don’t fix mental health or addictions.

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