Given up on a relationship does not mean that the love you shared has gotten over. There are couples who can never give up on their significant other while others don’t have any problem while giving up. If you have recently given up on your relationship and can still get those texts and calls from your ex then read on these signs to know more.

Getting calls for no particular reason

 He might have been out of touch for some time. But one fine day he calls you out of the blue and for no particular reason. And then he follows up with more such calls. Or he makes an effort to stay in touch through email or whatsapp. No brainer, really.

Insistence on video calling

He keeps telling you that he’d love to see you even if he’s far away from you. And he is very keen on Skype chat. Needless to say, he is missing you and wants to offer an olive branch.

He wants to know what’s happening with your love life

If you are in touch with your ex, observe how often he expresses a keen interest in your love life. If he makes it a point to tell you that he is single and enquires about your dates, he’s clearly interested in reviving the relationship.

His stuff keeps lingering around

He seems to be in no particular hurry to collect his belongings from your place. Maybe it’s a deliberate move or an excuse to stay in touch with you.

He insists on meeting you

You may have broken up a long time ago, but your ex is still keen on meeting you in person. If he stays abroad, check if he’s going all out to invite you for a vacation. Take it as a sign that he is far from getting over you.

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