For what purpose do we need to have relationships? Why can’t we be without those special bonds? These are some of the big questions of our lives. Relations can be healthy and toxic as well, they can make you weak or strong. They become such an important part of our lives that we start relying on them for emotional satisfaction. But what if the same relationship on which we are relying, becomes toxic for us? We start losing every bit of ourselves and the trust we built on that person.

It is always believed that there should be a balance in everything but then it is also believed that excess of anything can be harmful. In the same way, it is important for almost everyone to have a balance of toxic and healthy relationships but if the toxic relationship starts harming you, your growth and mental peace, then it is better to depart yourself from such relationships.

Toxic relationships can often hinder your happiness, it can make you weak. People often ruin their lives when they come in contact with toxic people who are disturbed, depressed and have all the negativity in them. They are the one who cannot bare positivity around them and are always in a stressful environment. I believe they are the people who cannot play a part of positive bond in your life. Let them go! Keep them away for your better life.

Toxic relationships damage us emotionally, not physically. They do not contribute to our self-esteem, instead, they demotivate us and drain our emotions. It is difficult to survive a toxic relationship for life long. Which is why it is best suggested to walk off and let it go. In a relationship, toxicity can be of various types. It can be in the form of your partner being bad tempered, overreacting, or possessive. Often these factors become a big hindrance in people’s lives.

In many cases, because of that one toxic bond, you are forced to leave many other people connected to that same toxicity. But then, it is your life and you have the full right to be happy and do whatever you want to do. Give yourself a priority and be sure that you make your life worth living because at the end you are your own savior and what all is required is a healthy, peaceful and positive life, surrounded with positive people.

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