Have you been single for a long time?

There are many, literally many couple out there who are flirting throughout the day, may it be behind bushes or in dark corners or just about anywhere and when you look at them, you feel like “what is it that I am missing?”. More so if you have been single for like… forever! But worry not, here are a few reasons that would provide an explanation to why many of us are stuck up in the ‘single’ world.

Too good to be played with– One extremely legit reason can be, that you are actually too good to be with anyone. Either people leave you because they cannot keep with your good heart, nature and brains or you yourself cannot spot a worthy partner, thus, you choose to stay single till you can find ‘the’ one.

Trauma- Anything can cause it, really. If you have had any bad childhood experiences like seeing your parents fight a lot, or if you had someone break your heart very gruesomely, then there is a chance that you now tend to keep yourself away from any possible situations that may open past wounds.

Your passion for work had/has taken over- You might have been so engrossed in your studies or work that you didn’t realize when opportunities slipped your hand. Or maybe this is the situation so you better pull yourself out a little from your work and take a look around to see if any good candidates are available.

“Relationships are troublesome~”- If you fall in this category then… well then obviously you won’t have a relation!

You have a crush who cannot be obtained- One of the most common and hurtful pattern and also the biggest reason why many people don’t hook up. The only way to get over your crush is to confess and reach a decision. Either you’ll get the love of your life (hahaha  (-_-) ) or you’ll get rejected and depressed but after that, you’ll be over it.