After doing a study on Priyanka Chopra’s pervious interviews and articles, here is a list of tips for you to follow if you wish to have spot free and smooth skin like her.




  • Face wash- Being a rich woman is what every female wants. Priyanka uses some pretty expensive skin care products but don’t worry. You can use coconut oil to remove your make up and then wash off your face. Priyanka’s routine is set in rock when it comes to washing her face. No matter what time it is, even at, Priyanka washes her face and removes all the make up before going to bed.
  • Drinking water- Being busy with shooting in both India and oversees, Priyanka has to fly really frequently. It is while talking about her flying routine when she said that she drinks loads of water to keep herself hydrated. ‘Drinking tons of water with a squeeze of lemon’ is something she learned from her mother.
  • Sunscreen and make up- Don’t use make up when you can avoid it and never walk in the sun without using high SPF sunscreen.
  • Coconut oil- Drink it. Taking a couple of spoons of coconut oil will transform you from the inside.

Priyanka moisturizes and washes her face in the morning and evening. Follows the above appoints throughout the day, loves to use mascara and has a secret for doing her eyebrows (she learned that the best way of doing eyebrows is to brush them, apply color and brush them back in shape to make them look natural).

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