It is not impossible, but it will be tough. Losing weight and toning your body at a fast rate might not be possible for everyone but you won’t know till you give it a try. Even if you are not able to do it in two weeks, following these will help you reduce fat regardless. The most important point in reducing fat fast is the combination of the right diet with a lot of exercise.


The fastest way is to follow this regime:

50 crunches, 20 squats, 10 planks, 100 jumping jacks and 10 on your back toning exercises and a few stretching exercises.

Doing these every day for two weeks is sure to help you get rid of that extra fat. But before you plunge into this regime you need to understand why this would work.

  1. Do toning exercises- There are tons of toning exercise variations available on the net and any of them would do just fine. The important part is to move your hips and legs. A simple toning exercise can be to lie down and push your hips and legs upwards and then move them in circular motion. Do at least five sets of these, two times a day.
  2. Do cardio excursive- As the name suggests, these workouts are meant to make the heart sweat. Cardio exercises work on the whole body as a hole and give strength to muscles. For this you can do running, jogging, cycling and climbing stairs and there are many more types of exercises. Jumping jacks is a cardio exercise.
  3. Stretches, crunches, planks and squats- These are the most effective exercises to put pressure on your thighs, hips and lower belly. Planks work wonders on you lower half but doing them right is what matters. Even if you can hold a plank for just 10 seconds, make sure you do it the right way. Crunches become easy with time and help you develop abs. Squats are good for the thighs, but can be really tough at the start. Take your time in getting used to it or you’ll develop painful crams.
  4. Food- during your regime, avoid food with high calories and eat and drink food which help in burning fat for example green tea, dry fruits, oranges, etc.
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