Soaking In The Thoughts Of Motherhood, Anushka Sharma Shared A Glaring Capture Of Hers, With Her Baby Bump

The heavenly made duo of a Bolly and a cricket star, Anushka and Virat have happily shared away from the news of becoming a family of three. From that day onwards, the couple is more focused by the dazzling limelight of the Bolly world and these would-be parents aren’t themselves behind in keeping their fans updated with their joyous family moments.

Sharing out another happy moment, Anushka Sharma has recently shared away a picture of hers, on the seashore, flaunting away her baby bump, on September 13, 2020.  This new mother is warmly looking at her baby bump, with a slight pretty smile over her face. Speaking out the true meaning of motherhood through her eyes and smile, Anushka embellishes her look in a white-colored dress and looks like an angel, who is carrying a little cupid in her womb, who is bringing its parents more closer. Virat’s comments over this, added the glory to Anushka’s post, where he penned, “My whole world in one frame, along with a red heart emoticon.

In an interview to RCB Bold Diaries, on the YouTube channel of the IPL team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli has excitedly revealed his first expression, when he came to know the news of being a father. He said, “It is an incredible feeling. It puts things into perspective for you. It is a beautiful feeling. It isn’t easy to describe how you feel, but when we found it, we were over the moon. When we announced, the kind of love that was showered on us, it was amazing. People were genuinely so emotional and happy for us. We are looking forward to the third member joining the clan.”

August 20, 2020, they have announced the most awaited news of their upcoming new born in 2021, with their love flaunting post and captioned it as “And then, we were three! Arriving Jan 2021.”

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