Sonam Kapoor makes bold statement in latest interview

By admin

October 26, 2016

Sonam Kapoor is one of those Bollywood actresses who doesn’t mince her words and always speaks her mind out. And this time was no exception either. In a recent interview with Neha Dhupia for her chat show, the ‘Neerja’ actress was asked who she thought was a better actress – Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra.

In Neha Dhupia’s radio show, #NoFilterNeha, the Neerja actress was asked, “If a plane is going down and you want to trade one of the things with God, what would you trade – S*x, money, movies fame or dessert?”

Sonam says, “Fame!I do love it, I love being known and I think it’s a great gift as you have a platform where you can actually make a difference. But I love s*x and I love movies and I love being a part of it, even behind the scenes, and food makes the world go round. I really like dessert, as I want mitha. So yes fame – we can still make a difference without being famous.”

The actress was also asked if she has dated anyone from the film industry Sonam said, “I am single, and have never dated any co-star. I have interacted with many from the film industry but I am really not interested in dating any of them. They are incredible but I dont want to talk about movies all the time. Also, I have never been attracted to my co-stars. That’s why I have such a good chemistry with them because I never had s*x with them.” Wooh! Now that’s some bold confession by Sonam. Also, we cannot stop thinking if she’s taking a dig at any actress from the industry? What do you think?