Actress Sonam Kapoor fell prey to Twitter trolls last night when she referred to a line of national anthem in an article she wrote.


A quote from her article that went viral last night read, “I love my country but for some of you — and you’re the bigots, not me — I become ‘anti-national’ only because I ask questions or choose to be critical. Listen to the national anthem…recall the line you heard as kids, ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai..”

Twitterati without reading her whole article jump to conclusions that the actor does not know her known national anthem and started trolling her.

Some of the trolls can read as follows:



Responding to the trolling, the actor wrote “Thank you so much twitter for the amazing response to my article and also to the #trolls who proved my point by the way they responded “

 Sonam was not alone though, few twitterati were by her side, and tweeted the lyrics of the stanza that was not so known, and has the line of the article.


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