Sonam Kapoor Reveals The Unexpected Gift That His Husband, Anand Surprised Her With During Lockdown On Anniversary

Sonam Kapoor, the style icon of Bollywood, has also proved her mettle with her acting in Neerja. She has been an actress who is deeply rooted yet flying high. She did phenomenal with her movies and when she found the time to be right, she settled down with her boyfriend Anand Ahuja. She married him in May 2018 in a big fat punjabi wedding and has been jumping cities with him. They two can be seen totally madly in love.

And now, as the two have their 2nd anniversary, Sonam shared a glace of her pre-anniversary gift which was a Nintendo Switch with her favourite games like Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart on it. She took her social media and shared the video. Sonam wrote, “@anandahuja knows me too well… Love you so much.” In the video, Mrs. Ahuja is excitedly saying, “This is my anniversary present.”

In an interview with Filmfare, earlier Sonam spoke about her perfect love story with Anand Ahuja, the actress stated, “No one would think of Anand and me together because Anand is totally different. He had no idea that Anil Kapoor was my father. I ended up speaking to Anand… the whole evening. Anand was trying to get me to talk to his friend… like being the middle man. But we ended up talking more. Then one day I got a Facebook request from Anand saying, “Hey! Are you still single? Because so and so is still single and if you’re ever in London, please connect with him.” That message came at 2:30 am.”

She concluded, “I messaged him saying that first you shouldn’t be messaging me so late in the night. I’m like a school teacher in matters like these. Don’t mess with me so late in the night. And if the friend is interested then he should message me himself. Why are you messaging me? That’s how the conversation started. We began talking on the phone. Then we met. Two weeks later, we were talking on the phone when I asked him, “Do you still want me to talk to your friend?” He said, “No, No! Not at all. Talk to me. I’m keeping you for myself.”

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