Sonam Kapoor Shares An Interesting Thing About Hubby Anand Ahuja’s Proposal

Proposals are one of the most romantic things in everyone’s lives. We keep waiting for a romantic Proposal to come our way when we get into a relationship and our ears keep anticipating the four words ‘Will You Marry Me?’


Girls especially are super excited for the proposal and want their man to make it the most romantic thing in the world. They want it to be perfect with a ring, the boy on the knee and obviously the question. Well, seems like Sonam Kapoor also believes that her wedding Proposal was one of the most romantic things her hubby Anand Ahuja ever did.


She was a guest on the popular star talk show Feet Up With The Stars hosted by Anaita Shroff Adjania. While she revealed her bedroom secret as well, one of the most interesting takeaway from this episode was the interesting detail that Sonam shared about her wedding proposal. During the conversation, Anaita asked Sonam about Anand, “Did he propose?”, the Neerja actress replied, “Without a ring.” Woah! Now that’s an interesting revelation! Check out the video here:

Well, it seems that the grand and stunning engagement ring that Sonam dons wasn’t gifted to her during the proposal. She wasn’t offered the ring by Anand when he actually proposed her. He must have had the instant thought and felt that seizing the moment was better than preparing himself for the right day with the right ring.


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