South African 10 babies story turns out to be false, Inquiry finds


A Gauteng woman has last month stunned the world with news that she is pregnant with 10 babies and made headlines after she claimed to give birth to babies in a single pregnancy.

The Pretoria News had reported last month claiming that a 37-year-old from South Africa Sithole allegedly going to deliver seven boys and three girls.

It was also claimed that Sithole would be in the running for the Guinness World Record title for delivering most children at a single birth to survive. However, according to a recent report, the claim turned out to be fake following an inquiry.

According to initial reports, Sithole’s partner, Teboho Tsotetsi said that doctors had detected eight babies during medical scans, two less than Sithole delivered.

However, according to a recent report by the BBC, no official medical report of the incident could be collected from the Gauteng province near Johannesburg. Adding to that, some medical tests pointed out that Sithole was not even pregnant recently which disproved the claim completely, HT reports adding that the report further states that the matter drew suspicion after the news source that originally published about the birth, failed to disclose the hospital where the babies were born. Adding fuel to fire, several hospitals in Gauteng province denied any involvement in the matter.

The previous reports by the BBC were published after the local mayor confirmed the birth of the ten babies. Later, a government spokesman clarified that the mayor only had the family’s word and nobody actually saw the babies. The couple had sought financial help from people for delivery.

Phumla Williams, Director General at Government Communication Information System (GCIS), South Africa, posted on Twitter that authorities could not find any evidence of the births.

Williams then tagged IOL news and information website based in South Africa that originally broke the story, suggesting that the news might be fake.

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