Did you know that you and your partner’s sleeping position has a meaning to it? Our sleep is controlled by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind through our sleep position speaks about the things that we are not able to share when we are awake.

These sleeping positions can tell a lot about your relationship with your partner. If you notice your partner’s sleeping position regularly, then maybe you will be able to realise some important things about your relationship.

Here are some common sleeping positions and their meaning:

Spoon position


Couple sleeping


This is one of the most common couple sleeping position. In this position, the couple sleeps with the maximum physical contact. It shows that the partners protect and have complete trust over each other.

Loose spoon position


This position has less physical contact between the couple. It shows that the couple is close to each other. It also indicates that the couple has a mature and balanced relationship.

Sweetheart cradle position


This is a very romantic sleeping position. In this position, one partner keep their head on the chest of the other with their legs crossed. It shows that the couple is deeply in love and wants to make their partner feel safe.

Liberty position


In this position, the couple sleep with their back towards each other. Their backs don’t touch and it means that the partners give each other space. Also, it means that they are emotionally connected.

Pillow talk position


This is the opposite of the liberty position and in this position, the couple sleeps facing together with some gap in between. It indicates that the two really wish to communicate with each other but fail to do so.


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