Sreesanth’s Wife Bhuvneshwari Reacts On Hubby Doing Intimate Scenes With Other Girls

Sreesanth has been in the headlines ever since he appeared on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 12. He was in the headlines from the very beginning and maintained getting highest footage through his 3 months stay inside. His relationship with his co-contestant Dipika’s Kakar, whom he called his sister was also a reason why he was the top contestant. Although he didn’t win the Bigg Boss trophy, he was the first runner up and still managed to get more limelight than the winner Dipika.

His wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari has also gained limelight for talking about her husband and making sure that his image came out positive to all those watching him on the show. Even when she entered the house, she made sure to teach another contestant Surbhi Rana a lesson by shouting at her while she was standing there all frozen and in tears. She has actively been vocal about her husband and even made several public appearances.

In a recent interview with a leading online entertainment portal, Sree’s wife Bhuvneshwari got candid about Sree’s jail term, financial turmoil that governed them, insights from Bigg Boss 12, his latest Zee5 release, Cabaret and the acid attack threat on Dipika Kakar. when she was asked about her hubby doing intimate scenes on films. Very smartly, the star wife replied, “In Cabaret he hasn’t done anything so far, so I am pretty okay.”

When she was still asked to comment if he was asked to get intimate with his co-star, she said,  “That is his profession. It is his work and you need to respect that. If he is in a cricket field, I cannot tell him that you cannot bowl fast, that is his job and you have to respect that. There is a personal life and a professional life, so you need to maintain that thin line.”


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