Stand out as a couple this Diwali

The times of festivities are back. It’s the time to clean and redecorate the house along with have some fun time with friends and family. Diwali, which symbolises as the victory of good over evil, is the most popular festivals of Hindus which is celebrated all over India. The festivities typically start a month in advance with the advent of Navratri a festival of ten days leading up to Diwali. Most of all it’s the time to spend time with our special one. Here are five ideas that would really ensure something traditional, yet original, to do this season.

Diwali party:

Diwali party is always the best part of Diwali as you get to have fun with your family and friends. The best way to spread the aura of happiness that glows with light is to throw a Diwali party. The perfect venue where one can enjoy the fun of the party is at home. Diwali party is a perfect time to explore the fun side of your partner and enjoy your time together the comfort of your home.For arranging an ideal party that beams with joy and light, at home we have to consider a few points while planning:

Arrange Décor:

Traditional décor would suit a festival party. The house can be decorated with marigold flowers which are easily available in the season. Adding candles, oil lamps and electric lights in our decor represents light band life, which is the true spirit of the festival. A nice traditional rangoli at the doorstep adds to the flavour.

Plan a Menu:

Food is arguably the soul of any party. This most important component should be planned according to the taste of the guests. However we must remember that traditional dishes that are closely associated with the festival should be part of the major part of the menu. The food is incomplete without our traditional Indian sweets.

Build a Guest List:

First and foremost consider the number of people that may be accommodated at one time into your home then accordingly plan the guests. If you are inviting families invite the ones that are best compatible with each other.

Send Invitations:

Make sure to send the invitation well in advance so that your guests have ample time to plan. The invites can be either be digital or hand written just ensure that they are elegantly designed and it contains all the information like the venue date and time etc. Ensure by at least speaking to you guests once either personally or telephonically. You’ll be getting your RSVPs in no time!

Family Time:

Festivals are best celebrated with family. Diwali is the best time to spend time with family and loved ones. It is an amazing time to invite your family and your partner’s family to re connect and have a good family time. While planning a family get together you have to consider the likes and dislikes of the family members. Ensure a cordial atmosphere. Comfort of the elders and children of the family should be given due importance. Food and drinks should be planned as per your family values and food habits of the family. Arrange for some gifts to be exchanged. Gifts can be made more attractive by packing them beautifully.

Stand out in your traditional wear:

It is the perfect time to wear ones traditional attire which has been in the wardrobe forever. One can show their beauty in there most traditional dresses and make a style statement. One can opt for dresses like suits, lehengas or fusions between traditional and western attire. The only thing one has to consider is that the dress that you wear should be comfortable. It also has to be carried well. One should not play with fire wearing long flowing dresses. Try the traditional makeup and hairdo with the traditional dresses. Also wear the jewellery accordingly.
Spend the special time under those beautiful lights:
If you are not with your extended family this Diwali don’t worry. The two of you can have as much fun being with each other this Diwali. Since this festival is quite literally about shining bright the presence of light is a must,which light you up both physically and spiritually. Spending time with your loved under the dim lights is beautiful and romantic. One can decorate the room with fairy lights and lamps to create the warm dim aura of the room. One can order good food and watch a movie in the bed with the cosy dim lighting decoration after a quite pooja at home.

A romantic drive under the sparkling fire crackers in the sky:

Beautiful fire crackers are shot up which lights up the sky during Diwali. They leave one mesmerized with their beauty. The well decorated streets and markets radiate the festive aura. In total it generates a fairy-tale look. One could go on a long drive where many fire crackers are being shot up in the sky. This would give a romantic touch and a feeling of love with your partner. This would give one there special time with their loved one during these festivities


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