Startups are not new to India but undeniably the present’s most cool thing! Not only do they have given us innumerous rags to riches stories but have also took customer experience to an incredible level. Officially declared as one of the most flourishing and fastest growing base for startups, India has seen massive developments in this field. Indian economy too has been a major beneficiary of this entrepreneurial system. Let it be any sector ranging from food and beverages to travel to hotel to clothing; entrepreneurs have paved their ways to each of them to bring in a startup.


They all began with bubbles of idea, turned their ideas into reality and literally, changed India’s way of living. However, one cannot simply ignore the massive contribution of digitization and smart phones that enabled these startups to reach masses and flourish.

Well, here we bring to you a few startups which have undeniably changed the way India lives!

PayTM: This one needs no introduction! Afterall, it has been the friend in need during the troublesome demonetization cash crunch days! Even though it ran in severe losses for so many years, PayTM indeed has proved to be one heck of a profit provider for the consumers. Be it about cashbacks, heavy discounts, paying bills, mobile recharge offers; PayTM left no chance to glee us.

Flipkart and Snapdeal: These two too are giant competitors in the now, much explored E-commerce industry. Inspired by the working model of America’s Amazon, these two dared to aspire to become the leading e-commerce giants of India. India was once not even comfortable with the very idea of online shopping. Weird fears of online shopping being fake, impossible, fraud dominated in majority of the Indian minds. But the same people suddenly became mega online buyers in no time and paved way for this new industry.

Now the situation is such, housewives at home, kids, office-goers keep checking out products that are delivered at doorstep with no hassle.

Ola and Uber: Both of them are hot competitors, but one cannot ignore the fact they provide similar services i.e. every other person belonging to the middle class or above, in metropolitan cities has either of the app downloaded on his/her  smartphone. Travelling just got more convenient with these cab booking startups. While Autowaahlas’ tantrums are unbearable to be tolerated and over-crowdedness of public transport is frustrating; Ola and Uber came up to ease the travelling. A lot of people have also gained employment as they registered themselves as drivers for these cab service providers.

Zomato: Well, this one is a MAJOR revolution. Want to order food online? Zomato. Want to locate a nearby restaurant and read its menu? Zomato. Want to read reviews and know how the restaurant looks? Zomato is the answer to everything related to your food getaways! The ritual among masses is such that whenever someone plans to try a new place to eat, checking it out on zomato is the first done thing.

With so many investors interested in this startup, Zomato has indeed reached every nook and corner of the major cities. Also, a sudden boom of food bloggers is also evident after Zomato’s inception.

Oyo Rooms: Even though there were several companies successfully planning out our trips and hotel stays, there never existed a platform speicifically dedicated to hotels. Found by a 21 year old college dropout , OYO Rooms came up to deliver a need which was not even known. Reaching out more than 100 cities, OYO Rooms helps booking hotel without any hassle starting from the range of Rs 999 only. It also came up with the idea of booking conference hall or meeting rooms for business people.   

Practo: Finding specialist doctors just got easier with this startup. Whether you are looking for a gynaecologist or a dermatologist or any other kind of heath related services, Practo helps you come across the available options near your locality. You can choose the best one according to the charges and the comments by the other users.

Justdial: Founded in 1996, Justdial is a routine name. Serving its customers with reliable, fast and free information to connect buyers to sellers, Justdial has been a leading local search engine in India. It went online with launch of its website in 2007 and is now also operational as app for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms. The extent of usage is such that it has a database of 16.4 millions listings. Apart from website and apps service, they also provide teleservices for 24 hours everyday.

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