Stop these bad beauty habits right now!

By Medha Chawla

February 23, 2017

Every girl, some or the other way, is beauty conscious. Mind you, we are not talking about so called already set beauty standards (fairness, sharp features, etc) but the very basic aspect of it, i.e. skin care. Most of us use makeup products and go for monthly or weekly grooming sessions to keep ourselves upbeat. But, with time, a lot of us develop some bad beauty habits as well. Since, habits are so easy to develop that in no time we get addicted to them (although, subconsciously). Apart from the bad habits, we also tend to compromise a lot on beauty hygiene. So girls, get the following basic points straight in your head and save your skin from serious damage.

–           Sleeping without removing make-up: Trust me, the very thought of going to wash your face and remove all the products you have applied is so damn irritating, especially at night when you are already sleepy AF. But come on! No matter how tired or sleepy you are, you must always remove each trace of the make-up before you go off to sleep. Otherwise, it can heavily clog your pores which then results in acne breakouts. It can further make your skin become dull. I am sure; you don’t want that, right?

–          Touching your face: Majority of women, consciously or unconsciously do this mistake of touch their face just too often. Consequently, a lot of dirt and oil from fingertips gets built up on face which again results in clogged pores and acne-prone skin.

–          Using Tweezers: We usually don’t have enough time to frequently visit the salons and end up tweezing our eyebrow hair with pluckers. But doing this very often can  entirely change the shape of your face. For instance, if you have thin eyebrows and you tweeze quite often, it can make your face look larger than usual.

The option is to pluck only one or two hair and to use a thin comb to shape the brows. You can also use a bit of gel to shape them.

–          Wash those dirty make-up brushes: The most important make-up tool is left as the most ignored one. Most of us forget to clean these make-up brushes, not just on daily basis, but the very idea of cleaning them never crosses our minds. Just think about the places and surfaces, your make-up brushes come in contact with. They have the tendency to breed bacteria if not washed regularly which will of course, result on your skin as well.

–          Using old make-up products: Just like almost every other product, make-up ones also get expired with time. It might take you too much of courage to throw the costly products, on which you had splurged heartily, but come on, they do not cost more than well-being of your skin. Do not use any make-up product beyond 6 months.