When we talk about a relationship, the most common thing which crosses our mind is the relationship between a male and a female. But it is not always about the relationship between these two. The relationship is also between a mother and a father for their children or maybe the relationship between family members. Often friends share a different kind of relationship which is important for life. Each and every person has a different definition of relationship.

For me, the relationship between me and my parents is the most precious one. Born and brought up in one city and then suddenly leaving that city. Not only the city but also your parents, it is a hardship and a whole lot of emotions rushing inside of you. I being an introvert, it was difficult for me to leave my city and my parents but it was mandatory. After coming in a new city I realized how important the love of parents for support and all the emotional requirements is. Being alone in a city and taking care of yourself is a hard task.

Also, I realized with this that even after being far away from me, their love was constant, I got their support, their love always in the form of their blessings. They use to call me and check up on me that am I fine or not. I got their support emotionally, financially and mentally. It was the time I realized when no one else is going to be there for me instead of my parents. Even after being far away, it was the most special bond for me which can never be compared with any relationship.

A relationship of a child with its parents is pure and precious. It can never be compared with anyone else. We can get financial or physical satisfaction but emotional satisfaction and love are not what we get from everyone. With this experience of my life, I learned that such kind of relationship is the one to be kept around. You should always be around or in touch with your best kind of relationships. Those which gives you all sort of satisfaction emotionally, this is the most important thing for your mental health and stability.

Being in a totally new city is also necessary as it will be a thing to do out of your comfort zone. It will make you learn a lot and will make you understand the worth of important people in your life. It will also make you value that kind of healthy relationships which you may not value when you are close to them.

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