Suhana Khan Appeared On Vogue Cover & Twitterati Has Many Opinions

By Palak Sharma

August 02, 2018

King Khan Shah Rukh’s princess Suhana Khan’s Vogue cover has created quite a storm on the social media. The 18-year-old made her fashion magazine debut as Vogue India’s cover girl for August yesterday and has been receiving all kinds of reactions. While some are praising the teen for her sheer confidence and panache, others are bashing the magazine for putting a star kid on their cover for no obvious credentials, whatsoever.

There is no doubt that Suhana is rocking all the looks she has donned for the magazine cover and is looking sizzling in her hot avatar. But almost all of us are confused that what exactly did Suhana Khan do to land up Vogue India’s cover? Obviously, this teen is a diva in her own and has a massive popularity on social media. If it’s any proof, her secretly leaked pictures go viral every time without fail. Being the only daughter of superstar Shah Rukh Khan comes with its own privileges and downsides. Sure, Suhana is being offered opportunities on a platter that other common junta would kill for. But, at the same time, there is unmeasurable pressure and a multitude of expectations from her as she is the daughter of one of the biggest stars of Bollywood to ever exist. 

Shah Rukh launched Suhana’s magazine cover in Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 on 31 July and Twitterati has a lot of thoughts about it. Some are complaining about blatant nepotism on the part of Vogue India and SRK’s influence. and some people are accepting the existence of nepotism and unfair privilege of star kids as something which is a part of Bollywood. Here are some of the best reactions of people from Twitter-land: