Suhana Khan Is The Butt Of The Joke; #SuhanaSuffer Trends On Twitter

Suhana Khan’s Vogue cover has created a huge storm in the country and has stirred up the age-old nepotism debate all over again. What might seem like a harmless display of vanity on the cover of a fashion magazine by an 18-year-old, has convulsed into a hot debate.

People are accusing Vogue India of their blatant nepotism by putting the daughter of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan on the cover of August issue for no reason at all. The teen has no association with the fashion or modelling industry neither is she a Bollywood actress. Though she is an acting aspirant, she isn’t going to debut anytime soon as she is starting university this year. There is no reason for putting her on the cover page other than the fact that she is the daughter of Bollywood’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan.

But the fact remains that the girl is popular. She has a huge fan base on social media. Every now and then, her pictures from vacations or pretty selfies go viral on the web within no time. And it goes without saying that she has got a spectacular fashion sense. Whether it is Bollywood parties or her vacation in Europe, she is always seen in the most stylish couture. So it isn’t much rocket science as to why she was chosen as the cover girl for Vogue India. The bottom line is “Glamour Sells”.

This no way means that Suhana will be spared from the brunt of the enraged Twitterati who are infamous for reacting strongly to anything and everything. In her interview with Vogue India, Suhana revealed about the ‘struggles’ of being the daughter of a superstar that she faced during her childhood. She has stated how when she was little, she wanted Shah Rukh to be addressed as Suhana’s father whenever he came to her school. Instead, people just fawned over his persona of a mega-star.

Her statement about her ‘struggles’ blew up in no time. Hence in the course of events that lead to a Twitter debate, a funny hashtag #SuhanaSuffer started trending on Twitter. People started tweeting sarcastic tweets about the struggles of being a star kid. Check out the funniest ones:



Let the nepotism debate be. But this #SuhanaSuffar is hilarious and a very clever hashtag. What are your views on it? Tell us in the comments below.


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