Suhana Khan Trolled & Slammed For Her No-Makeup Look: People Used Bad Words For Her

When you are the daughter of the country’s favorite star, you are bound to be in the limelight. Suhana Khan, who is just a teenager, has been handling the fame, spotlight, and paparazzi since she was 14. The girl wants to become and actress and her looks have been loved by people.  But with appreciation comes trolling as well and she has been a target of the internet trolls a number of times.

The fan clubs are followed by a huge number of people who love to see their pics and instantly make them viral. A fan club of Suhana Khan recently posted a pic of her in which she can be seen in pretty unglamorous look. The pic is supposedly taken at Ardingly College. As they posted the pic, it went viral receiving thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Have a look-

The comment box was flooded with a lot of lovely messages from fans. But at the same time, there were some haters who trolled Suhana by using bad words for her. It’s such a shame that people used such kind of words for a young girl like Suhana. Have a look-


Don’t you think these trollers should get a life?


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