Summer Time Calls For ‘Matka’ Water- Read Out To Know The Benefits!

Hot summers push us towards our refrigerators to get cold water to quench our thirsts. A good and age-old tradition of using earthen pots (Matka or clay pots) for the storage of water in summers is a good alternative to refrigerated water. Not just an alternative but it has magical benefits on our health too.


Here are certain benefits of water stored in earthen pots which you should know:

Naturally Cool Water

Not just the Matka keep the water cool but also healthy. It provides our body with healing elements from the earth and micro-nutrients, along with keeping throat infections at bay.

Boosts Metabolism

Harmful chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) are present in bottles made of plastic. This makes it all the more important to use earthen pots for storing water. Doing this makes the water pleasantly chilled and natural to taste. Water from clay helps in balancing various hormonal levels in our bodies.

Acts As A Natural Filter

Earthen pots automatically filter water after 4 hours. So, it is highly recommended to store water for at least 4 hours before consuming it and enjoying its goodness.

Prevents Heatstroke

Summers bring along problems like sunstroke, indigestion, dehydration, etc. In such a scenario, consuming nutrient-rich Matka water can help to a great extent.

Can Be Safely Reused

Although it is highly recommended to get a new clay pot every year even if you continue using it for years more than one, it will not negatively impact your body the way plastic bottles do when used after a certain period.

So, choose naturally chilled water and shun refrigerated water.

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