Sumona aka Sarla Got Trolled For Wearing A Bikini On beach! See Exclusive DETAILS Inside!

Sumona Chakravarti popularly known as ‘Sharma Ji ki Biwi’ loves adventure sports and tries to keep the spirit up in every country she visits. Sumona’s big lips created a sensation for the show and she gained publicity for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.  Since the Kapil Sharma show got off-air because of Kapil’s medical reason, Sumona did not get featured in any other show. Also, she was trying to keep herself away from the Limelight.



But like any other active Instagrammer or Twitterati, she posted a picture on her Twitter account. Sumona was holidaying in Thailand and from her vacay, she posted a picture wearing a Bikini. She captioned the picture, “Life is a beach…Live by the currents, Plan by the tides, and follow the sun”.

This picture went viral, while many people were shocked seeing Sumona in all new bold avatar, but some trolled her for wearing a bikini and even criticized for wearing a defaming outfit.

Take a look at the picture, which is creating a buzz in the town, and how haters reacted towards her look.

However, some people cheered Sumona and complimented her for the bold and beautiful look in the picture, Take a look:

On Rajeev Khandelwal’s Show Sumona said, “My biggest positive point in life is that I can laugh at myself and I can work in positive vibes, where I start feeling negativity I can leave that work, no matter how big it is for me”. She further added that “people used to make fun of my lips, and my friends used to ask me don’t you feel bad about it, everybody makes fun of you? I always use to say to them, it’s my life and career, my job is to make people laugh so it doesn’t bother me at all.

Well, we support Sumona’s decision, as everyone is free to wear what they want! What you think about the same tell us in the comment section below


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