Sunaina Roshan Pens An Heartwarming Note For Brother Hrithik Roshan; Takes Him Down The Memory Lane

We all know that Hritik Roshan shares an incredibly special bond with his family specially his sister, Sunaina Roshan. Not many people know but Hrithik actually saved his sister’s life by encouraging her to undergo bariatric surgery so that she could lead a healthier and happier life.

So, recently, Sunaina Roshan penned down a heart-wrenching and emotional note dedicated to her brother Hrithik, and their relationship. Sunaina, who is two years elder to Hrithik, dedicated the blog post to him and their childhood memories. The blog has been titled as ‘My Brother Duggu’.

She writes, “Duggu (Hrithik) is only 2 years younger to me but he would always behave like a protective older brother. He was extremely shy and reserved with others but with me he would always land up having his way. We would fight so much that my mom didn’t know if it was normal (being the only child herself), she would actually call her friends asking them if it was common for two siblings to fight the way we did. ”

She further adds, “Being as shy as he was, it was super easy to get back at him by teasing him among friends. But our love for each other was far greater than our fights. As a brother, Duggu was very protective of me during those growing up years and one day during my teens, he found out that I was dating one of his close friends and that was that. It changed his equation with that guy forever.”

“Being the protective brother he would keep an eye on me and if I ever did anything which he thought was wrong for me, he would be the first one to tell Mom and Dad.”, the post reads further.

Sunaina contines to talk about Hrithik’s stammer and how dealing with his stammer was the biggest hurdle for him. “I remember watching him at the age of 13 as he would sit and read aloud for hours, sometimes alone in the bathroom every single day, morning and night without fail,” she writes, adding, “He would record his voice to know the words that he would stammer and at practise them over and over again till he got them right.”

Well, needless to say, Sunaina Roshan and Hrithik Roshan make an outstanding bhai-behen ki jodi!

You can read the complete post here


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