Sunny Leone Calls Dating Russell Peters ‘Worst Thing Ever’: ‘We Messed It Up’

Actor Sunny Leone announced that she was dating comedian Russell Peters a few years ago, but it lasted for “a hot second.” She added that they have been friends for a long time and “blew it” by dating each other.

Sunny Leone Once Dated Stand-Up Comedian, Russell Peters, Calls It The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life


During her season two episode of One Mic Stand, Sunny told comedians Sapan Verma and Neeti Palta: “I dated a comedian but it was like, for a hot second. It wasn’t for a very long time.” She said that she was talking about Russell.

“We messed it up. I mean, we were friends for years, why the hell would we start dating? It was the worst thing ever that we could have ever done and I am still mad to that day because we would be such good friends still,” she added.

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Neeti asked Sunny if she made it to Russell’s jokes, to which she replied, “I have heard that I am in a couple of his jokes.”

In a 2013 interview, Russell talked about dating Sunny and called her “a real girlfriend.” He said, “Yes, we did date each other. It was five-and-a-half years ago. It was a wonderful time. She’s a real sweetheart, you know.”

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Sunny is now married to Daniel Weber, who also runs her business. The couple, who met at a club in Las Vegas, married on April 9, 2011. They have three children, a six-year-old daughter, Nisha, and two three-year-old twin sons, Noah and Asher.

In an Instagram post earlier this year, Sunny revealed the secret behind her and Daniel’s successful relationship. “10 years together, 5 ways of keeping the spark alive,” the text on the screen read, as they broke into a goofy dance. The advice was to ‘always communicate, plan date nights, cook together, make each other laugh, appreciate each other’.

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