Sunny Leone’s Apology To Delhi Resident, Revealed His Phone Number In Arjun Patiala Song

Sunny Leone expressed her apologies to a Delhi man named Puneet as she revealed his personal number in a scene from Arjun Patiala. It was an  unconscious game played with the script.

The Delhi resident had stated, he had been receiving lewd calls and messages from random people. The now Bollywood actress has made a short appearance in the movie wherein she delivers a dialogue giving her contact number to Diljeet Dosanjh. Filmmakers didn’t give a note to the fact that the number could be active, who does that. The number as obvious turned out to be active and is registered under Puneet Agarwal’s name, a resident of Pitampura, Delhi.

Puneet, 27 year filed a complaint on July 30 expressing that he is being harassed by random callers and being asked for lewd favours after the release of Arjun Patiala. As reported by the news agency ANI, Puneet said, “On July 26, after the release of the movie, I started receiving calls from unknown people asking me to let them talk to Sunny Leone. Initially, I thought somebody is playing a prank on me, but after a while, I got to know that the makers of the movie Arjun Patiala have actually used my number and Sunny Leone in the movie dictates my number,” he told news agency ANI.”

It was in an interview with Zoom Tv that Sunny apologized to Puneet for misusing his number in the scene. She said, “Sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen to you. Must get some really interesting people calling (sic)!”

Sunny is also seen in a song, Crazy Habibi vs Decent Munda featuring Diljeet Dosanjh and Varun Sharma. WATCH:

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