As we all know living a celebrity life is not at all easy. Paparazzi is always ready to click their pictures and sometimes it gets too much when they pass their judgements. Here scrutiny is not limited to celebrity couples but with their kids as well. Often star kids are compared with each other also. And recently, something like this happened when Sunny Leone was spotted with her twin sons, Noah Singh Weber and Asher Singh Weber.

Sunny Leone is happily married to Daniel Weber. The couple is proud parents of their three kids. One of whom they adopted in July,2017 and other who are their twin sons born via surrogacy. No doubt together they are perfect family!

Yesterday on July 12,2019, Sunny was clicked in Mumbai along with her twin sons and as soon as celebrity journalist, Viral shared the pictures and videos of theirs, fans started comparing Sunny’s son with Kareena’s son Taimur Ali Khan. Asher and Noah are identical twins so it is difficult to guess that who Sunny was carrying but fans got crazy after seeing the cuteness and started comparing him with Baby Tim.

While a fan commented, “Hahaha I thought why she is holding Taimur lol.” Another one wrote, “Looks like Tim Tim.” Not just this, some even compared them and wrote, “Tough competition for Taimur Ali Khan,” “Ye to Taimur ka bhi baap hai,” “Apke bete ne to Taimur ko bhi peeche chod diya.”

Earlier in the interaction with Humans of Bombay, Sunny’s husband, Daniel revealed the idea of a family and said, “I grew up with the same notion that family comes first. When I met my wife, and things got serious — I knew I wanted to have a family with her… that’s something we both looked forward to.” And had also talked about the decision of adopting Nisha, “Because of our hectic lives, we planned on having children through surrogacy. But in the meantime, when we visited St. Catherine’s orphanage, which housed around 300 children — we thought ‘why not adopt?’

He had further added, “There are a lot of children out there that need a home. They explained to us the process, and we decided to go for it — it was complicated. At one point, we thought we weren’t going to get her. There was a short time span when it broke our hearts — it was a hard process emotionally and with the paperwork. But then, last year, when I was LA, going in for the surrogacy transfer is when I got the email by the government saying we’ve matched! Nisha was going to be our daughter! We were ecstatic! We prepared everything to go and bring her home.”

While talking about fatherhood, he exclaimed, “That’s when I met my daughter for the first time. But it wasn’t like love at first sight. I was nervous in that situation. Doubts like ‘will I be a good enough father?’ or ‘will she ever connect with me?’ kept creeping up. It took about a month, but one day — I walked in through the door, and she screamed ‘papa!’ running to me and grabbing my leg. I started crying — that day my daughter finally recognized me as her father, and I was the happiest. Since then on, we just have this funny connection — I couldn’t go anywhere without her and she too became a papa fan. Even Sunny kept saying ‘it’s always papa papa.’ Making me secretly very happy.”

Talking about their surrogate baby twins, Daniel remarked, “Asher and Noah, our twins also finally came into our lives, and now I feel like my family is complete! I can do anything for them — From waking up each morning and cooking everyone in the house breakfast to waking up in the middle of the night to make sure my babies are okay — my world revolves around them.”

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