Makeup is life! No? Ever thought of stepping out without a little blush or lip color? Afterall, makeup is an integral part of our lives. However, at times a few things make us sit back and wonder why we are not that good at our makeup techniques. Days when we are unable to get that perfect liner or our lipstick goes off in minutes, our mood instantly turns bad and there is nothing much we can do about it. Well, we have some makeup hacks that will help you a lot through all of it.
Get the perfect wing 
How can you step out without that winged liner? We agree that it is not an easy task to get right but a simple hack can help you get that perfect wing instantly. All you have to do is take a pen or gel liner and start making small dots from the inner corner of your eye. As you reach the outer corner. mark an angle. Now draw a thin line through the dots. You can further thicken the line if you like it that way.
Say bye to tired eyes 
There are days when are too tired and it starts showing through our face, especially the eyes. The eyes then speak of all the workload you had to pass through the day. And what if you have to attend a party that night? In that case, the perfect hack is lining your eyes with a white or light colored liner. This will pop up your dull eyes and you are ready to go!
All day lipstick 
Yes, a little munching or sipping makes our liptick wear off easily. And it is the saddest moment when we realise that its gone! To make it stay for super long, you just to do a small trick with a tissue paper and some translucent powder. Apply your favorite lip color and then
Get those thick eye lashes 
All of us dream of finely curled thick eyelashes. No? Now you don’t need to get those fake lashes. You just need some baby powder and a good mascara. Before applying the first coat of mascara to your eyes. Apply some baby powder to your eyelashes and then coat with mascara. Then apply another coat. The powder acts as a thickener for your lashes.
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