While each day is incredible when you are just married, here comes the day of love once again when cupid’s arrow don’t miss any love birds. This time it is extra special as many of you must have got hitched to your permanent valentine. Forget about the day when you eagerly waited for this special day to express your love and affection towards your lover and celebrate togetherness, as that was the time when you guys were in bachelorhood.

But this time, you are together for life on this special day. It is said love fades away after marriage, do you also think the same? Your marriage doesn’t make any difference to this day as long as you are happy with each other. Infact, your marriage can prove beneficial for you as it gives you new freedom to express your love with no insecurities and set boundaries. You don’t have to worry what others are thinking because now you got the official license to do what your heart wants to make your valentine feel extra special. So make most out of this day with some exciting fun ways to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day after marriage.

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A written surprise

Wondering what to get your better half on this Valentine’s Day? Love letter works wonder as this brings back the romance in a very youthful way. This will actually establish a strong bond between you both and you will cherish it for life. Few simple words dipped in lots of love will  work more powerful than any other thing. So give it a try this year.

Cook together

Cooking is a lovely mystery which enhances chemistry between couples. If you are newly-wed, this simple gesture of helping each other in cooking and making special food for each other is such a wonderful way  to know each other’s taste and likeness. And we don’t have to tell how to spice it up. 😉 Share few memories, laugh out on funny instances, share sweet long kisses etc. and see what spark it gives to your relationship.

Plan a mini honeymoon

If you couldn’t plan a full fledge over the top honeymoon yet, then it is best to make use of this very romantic day of love and take an extra leap and plan a mini honeymoon. Just take a short break and spend quality time with each other. Go out with your significant half to a nearby place which you both really wanted to visit from long. This would be the best way to rejuvenate your energy and mood after a tiring wedding session.

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Go for a spa together

Many spas offer special offer and packages for couples. Choose special package which is both intimate and soothing for both of you instead of wasting the whole day in just watching movies followed by dinner. Break the monotonous way and take the day as opportunity to relax and unwind.

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