Survey Reveals Best Time Of Day To Have Intercourse For Men!

Physical relationships are important for maintaining a healthy relationship. According to a study published in Reader’s Digest, physical intimacy improves physical and mental health as well as maintains good relationships. There is no set time for the physical celebration of love. The time to draw close to a loved one can never be tied.

Sex is a feeling. That feeling is born inside the body, in the secretion of various hormones. Research shows that having sex at a certain time is also very important. In many cases, the condition of the body can be understood by choosing the time of sexual desire.

Studies have shown that men generally prefer to have sex when they wake up. And most women are more inclined to have sex before going to bed at night. Judging by age, there is a division of time between likes and dislikes.

It has been observed that younger people prefer to have sex with their partners at night. However, with age, that desire decreases a lot. The tendency to fall asleep early at night increases with age. As a result, they are more enthusiastic about sex in the morning than at night.

However, many may not know what is the ideal time for healthy sex. According to a report in Men’s Health, noon is the best time to get close to being physically satisfied. What is the reason for this? In fact, estrogen secretion is highest in men around noon throughout the day. As a result, the desire to engage in physical relations is much higher.

However, this study has been done entirely on men. Different hormones of the body play a very important role in improved sex life. In the morning, besides lunch, the best time to have sex is in the morning. During this time the levels of testosterone hormone in the male body increase more than other times. As a result, a different kind of arousal is naturally created in men.


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