Survey Reveals Why Women Are More Jealous Of Their Spouses’ Female Friends!

Possessiveness is there and the fear of losing a loved one is more or less present in everyone. If a loved one hangs out with someone of the opposite sex, many people have a problem with it. Both men and women get a little jealous when they see their partner with someone of the opposite sex. Such scenes can be seen in real life just like in movies, stories, and novels.

However, a recent survey says that women are more jealous of their husband’s female friend than men. This is not usually the case with same-sex friendships. According to the survey, the share of jealousy in this regard is higher among women but men also go less.

Husbands are not only jealous but also anxious if the wife has a handsome male friend. Basically, both parties think that their loved ones shouldn’t get too close to friends of the opposite sex.

Especially those who are very conservative about their partner, are more concerned. However, women are a little more active in this regard. There is absolutely no end to their worries about their spouses’ female friends. The survey shows that headaches are less likely to occur with a husband or not. Instead, women are more concerned about whether their husbands will have sex with someone else. Especially if the husband’s female friend is beautiful and attractive.

A team of researchers from the University of California has conducted a study. At the end of the study, they thought it was a complete brain problem. The two main parts of the brain — the cingulate cortex and the lateral septum stimulate the feeling of jealousy.

Most importantly, couples should have extra trust in each other. No survey is always true. The survey does not even control relationships and life. So if you have a problem with something to keep the relationship good, tell your partner directly. There is nothing that you can do to increase the complexity of your relationship.

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