Swara Bhaskar: More than 14 FIRs Against the Actress, Alleged and Trolled

There have been more than 14 FIRs against the actress, she has been at the same time trolley by the netizens heavily.


Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has once again come under the spotlight. The reason was that she had made a controversial statement yesterday.

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar had written this tweet, which created so much noise

So she was caught in the middle of an argument. Both the real Swara and Kangana actresses are known for their controversial nature. It is not forbidden for them to speak on any subject. Currently, a topic is being widely discussed all over the world. That is Afghanistan and the Taliban.

It is now clear that the Taliban have established their rule in Afghanistan. Actress Swara Bhaskar has given a tweet on such a situation. In it, she compares the Taliban to pro-Hindu activists. Kangana was also angry about this. She even choked on it. However, a case has been registered against Swar. So it has come under discussion.

“Arrest Swara Bhaskar” The trend called ‘arrest Swara Bhaskar has also started on social media since yesterday. Delhi-based lawyer Ashok Chaitanya has also lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police against Swara. He said that he has lodged a complaint with the police against the absurd statements made by Swar. After this, the police will investigate and take action against her. That is also what he has said. Swaran had given a controversial response against pro-Hindu activists in his tweet. So she was in the discussion.


Swaran had said in his tweet that he would not be able to withstand the terrorism of pro-Hindu activists. And now we are worried about the Taliban attack. We are also shocked by this. Another important point is that we cannot remain silent when we see the terror of the Taliban. And on the other hand, we talk about pro-Hindu terrorism. That’s the way we think right now. This reaction has caught everyone’s attention. Therefore, it has been the subject of criticism from many. A user should immediately file a complaint under section 295A of the IPC. That is the demand. Criticism has been raised on social media for inciting religious sentiments.

She should be prosecuted for comparing Taliban and pro-Hindu activists. Such a demand is now being made through social media. This has increased the difficulty of tone. For the past few days, the only thing the world has been talking about is the Taliban, the Afghanistan they have seized, and their terrorism. So far, many Bollywood celebrities have given their reactions. But there was talk of a controversial response. She was also trolled for it.

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