Swara Bhasker is undoubtedly one of the talented actresses of the Bollywood industry. Swara had started off her career in 2009 with the film “Madholal Keep Walking” and within very less time she became popular with her non-stream and powerful roles. For the uninitiated, Swara had been dating Himanshu Sharma for last five years, but now the couple has broken up due to reasons best known to them. Yes, you heard it right, as per a Mumbai Mirror report Swara Bhaskar and Himanshu Sharma have called it quits after dating each other for 5 years. The couple would often spend quality time and go on holidays together and would often talk about their wedding in interviews. Hence this breakup comes as a shock. A source close to the couple had told Indian Express, “Swara Bhasker and Himanshu Sharma have parted ways due to their disagreement about what the future should look like. The separation is amicable”.

Online portal In.com had reached out to Swara Bhaskar and Himanshu to confirm the news. While Swara didn’t answer the calls and text messages made to her Himanshu asked for some space. He had stated, “Actually, can I call you in some time? I have a very bad back problem. I am bedridden. I am not able to move. I want to see a doctor right now.” When probed further, Himanshu retorted, “Sir, will you allow me to get fine and talk to you please?”

Last year Swara Bhasker had confirmed her relationship and said, “Yes, we are dating and are happy and committed. Now you know why Himanshu is my favourite dialogue writer.” Confirming the news of dating Swara, Himanshu said in an interview, “Yes, we are dating each other. We’re in a happy space and currently, both of us are concentrating solely on our careers. We haven’t thought about marriage as yet, but when the time comes, we will surely take the leap.”

In a media interaction, Swara had revealed that she believes in the institution of marriage. She had stated, “I believe in the institution of marriage.” She had further added, “Really? Are you surprised that I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs? I know people think I must be wild but I am very gharelu.” On being asked, when are the wedding bells ringing, Swara had informed, “Ab woh Himanshu ko poocho. Unilateral decision main kaise lun?”

On further being asked about her plans of marriage, “I haven’t thought about it. Himanshu and I have discussed marriage, but we both still don’t know when. I just know that I want my marriage to be a huge party, like a massive affair. I want to have lots of days, lots of functions and lots of gaana-bajaana. I want to be drunk for the entirety of it. When I told my mother, she was shocked. She said, ‘Chhi beta, who talks like this? How shameful.’ But I don’t care, I will be drunk from the first day to the last day. (Bursts out laughing) I have a lot of friends abroad and I want them to come for my shaadi. I have all these plans, but there’s no timeline so sometimes, I worry the person should be the same. We joke about this too and we’re very different temperamentally.”

Swara Bhasker had shared what kind of wedding her boyfriend Himanshu wants and said, “He wants to get married in court without any taam jhaam. And I’m like, I’m getting married. Swara Bhasker is retiring from the playing field and there won’t be any taam jhaam? (Laughs) It has to be a party and how! I need to go out with a bang.”

There’s no official confirmation from Swara and Himanshu but we are eagerly waiting for the couple to confirm the news.